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Liugong Machinery

For the past six decades, LiuGong has learned, adapted and grown into an established name in machinery. Started in 1958, LiuGong brought the first modernized wheel loader to China in 1966, eventually expanding to 19 different product lines today. Learning on the way that every challenge no matter how small, no matter how difficult, is a chance for LiuGong to grow and improve. The continuous strive to rise to new challenges has lead LiuGong to work in the harshest of environments from the blazing heat of the Sahara to the unrelenting cold of the Antarctic and everything in between. More than just functionality, LiuGong focuses on the needs and wants of our customers. LiuGong understands that great machines have to be intuitive and ergonomic to allow for projects to get started quickly and run smoothly.

LiuGong South Africa (Pty) Ltd is located in Gauteng, on a 20 000m² parts storage facility supplying parts, services, warranty support and technical expertise to Africa. The manufacturer’s local presence in South Africa, facilitate on-hand technical support, superior access to parts, as well as speedy resolution of distribution issues, and warranty claims. LiuGong has proven themselves with over 3000 machines in operation in South Africa. You owe it to yourself to discover the value of LiuGong, together with CES Forklift support.

CES Forklift

CES Forklift is the importing and marketing agent for LiuGong Forklifts and material handling equipment in South Africa. CES Forklift has branches in all major cities and can provide national backup and support to all LiuGong forklifts. Importing via the ports of Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth ensure lower overall costs and parts availability across South Africa. Financial expertise and innovative deal options enable highly competitive structures on ownership.

LiftServ Rentals

LiftServ Rentals main focus is to provide short, medium and long term rental options to our customers. We strive to provide simple, flexible and cost effective rental solutions & our infrastructure is geared toward providing our valued clients with fast and pain-free services.

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